How can FINCCLUDE help you?


FINCCLUDE is a knowledge community – that shares proven success-knowledge on common industry challenges that have been overcome – for free and without obligation.  

FINCCLUDE members are volunteers worldwide who are industry professionals with backgrounds, experiences, contacts and genuine interest in the increasing success of Carrier Commerce ecosystems  impact on advancing Financial Inclusion, along with Financial Literacy and upwards through levels of Financial Sophistication.

FINCCLUDE is a differentiated entity, uniquely and exclusively focused dialed-up industry association. Each FINCCLUDE member has a broad range of experiences, insights, expertise, and connections  in Carrier Commerce – spanning involvement with projects, initiatives, solutions (etc.) that have had important roles in financially including the unbanked. 

FINCCLUDE volunteers appreciate and are inspired by the important role Carrier Commerce serves in helping advance Financial Inclusion in nations worldwide thus want to be a part of helping Carrier Commerce colleagues, partners  and stakeholders in ecosystems involving Carrier Commerce. 

FINCCLUDE is a free resource that strives to find and share success-knowledge, proven bee- there/done-that precedents, best practices, methods, ideas (etc.) that have overcome common challenges the industry faces in nations globally.

What is FINCCLUDE? We are:

* A Global Rapid Response Unit  * Peer Learning   * Industry Advocates * Crowd Consultants  * Problem Solvers  * A  Free Resource  to  the Carrier Commerce Industry   * A unique Industry Association

FINCCLUDE strives to find and share success-knowledge with global colleagues and stakeholders in Carrier Commerce – from strategic planning through go-to-market planning, from marketing to customer care, legal and regulatory to tech support … the full spectrum of operational functions.    

We know from experience that sometimes there are problems we have encountered with our Carrier Commerce work that slowed or stopped progress, only later to learn that similar problems were faced by others in the industry and over come.  If only we knew!   That is a key reason FINCCLUDE devised its unique model and focus.  Carrier Commerce is a exciting business that has profound impact on improving lives of hundreds of millions. Further, long term Carrier Commerce has a major role in realizing progress toward a key global imperative of our time …

… to help all people of all backgrounds and all geographies fully realize improvements to the quality of their lives

by becoming connected to, onboarded  and increasingly participating in today’s digital economy. 

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