Found & offered Carriers & Gov’t proven success-info to help avoid economic disruption & sustain trust in DFS/MFS: 

When the Ugandan Government surprised their nation by abruptly ordering all mobile money services disabled before and during national elections (due to vote buying concerns the government had), the negative consequences became national, regional and global news.  As about 35% of adults in Uganda were using mobile money at the time, the government decision sent shock waves through the nation’s economy.  Ugandan citizens were not prepared to be cut off from their money – their daily financial life blood.  Money flow was choked off to businesses, schools, as well as routine payments to the government.

Five Telco-Carriers were operating mobile money in Uganda at the time the Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC) ordered all mobile money platforms to be disabled.  When news broke and was shared with global members of FINCCLUDE for thoughts on any precedent for overcoming a problem of this nature … then like a rapid-response-unit, in just one hour a FINCCLUDE member who headed Operations for a Telco-Carrier’s mobile money service shared that in his Southeast Asian nation his government has similar vote buying concerns but devised an approach, and advance communications plan, that permits citizens and businesses to have adequate advance notice to prepare for planned outages of mobile money, a proven approach which also meets the government’s need of restricting potential vote buying during elections via mobile money.  Willing to permit FINCCLUDE to broker arrangements to share this success-knowledge, FINCCLUDE offered to facilitate the introductions with the  UCC and five Ugandan telco-Carriers operating mobile money.

FINCCLUDE demonstrated its ability to swiftly act, find and offer to share best-practices success-knowledge – in this case to help sustain the advance of financial inclusion

FINCCLUDE takes seriously that carrier mobile money and other forms of carrier commerce are a life-line to countless millions.  Challenges are inevitable in planning, launching, scaling and operating  these vital financial inclusion services.  Bad consequences can be avoided and/or minimized, as well as time and cost saved by stakeholders across the ecosystems of carrier commerce via the unique, exclusive focus of FINCCLUDE , and our mission to have ongoing impact on the noble aim of advancing (and sustaining) financial inclusion broader, deeper and  faster … to help optimal numbers of today’s unbanked and recently financially included improve their lives, and, position their communities and nations for long term sustainable development.


Aware of & Provided UNHCR and Partners Insights. Report, Paper on Bringing DFS to Refugees: 

When news broke that the United Nations High Council for Refugees (UNHCR) was planning to embark on an initiative – with Airtel and other partners – to bring digital financial services (DFS) to refugees in residing in refugee camps in Rwanda, FINCCLUDE knew from ongoing tracking of Carrier Commerce sectors globally that recently Telco-Carriers and Humanitarian Agencies were involved in pioneering work to bring a form of DFS to refugees in Uganda.

Via a variety of networking methods, FINCCLUDE was able to verify that an extensive report on the work in Uganda was available, plus via FINCCLUDE’s partner network, a newly released paper on the role of DFS in a Humanitarian Crisis was provided by The DFS Observatory at Columbia University in New York City.

FINCCLUDE then reached out to leadership at UNHCR, Airtel , SACCO & AFR with offer to share success-knowledge and was immediately thanked for reaching out and appreciative for any insights that could assist with their planning, as well as ongoing governance.  FINCCLUDE continues to stay in contact, on standby as a free resource for any help that may be needed with overcoming operational challenges. 

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