FINCCLUDE is a non-profit organization of global mobile financial service (MFS) professionals who volunteer to be on standby to help find and facilitate the sharing of operational-level financial inclusion success-knowledge for countless industry colleagues and their partners worldwide.  This support is available to anyone with operational responsibility in ecosystems of the Telco/Carrier Commerce industry. FINCCLUDE members have a broad array of success-knowledge from their own expertise and experiences, as well as access to success-knowledge via their professional networks of industry contacts.

FINCCLUDE’s approach has parallels to and is complimentary with the proven model of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (https://www.afi-global.org/) which receives funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The AFI is an alliance of national central banks and other financial regulatory institutions, each committed to help advance financial inclusion by facilitating the finding and sharing of financial inclusion success-knowledge with policy makers and regulators.

Similar to AFI, FINCCLUDE also facilitates sharing success-knowledge, expertise and insights … with and between stakeholders from across the ecosystems of Carrier Commerce that impact financial inclusion. FINCCLUDE’s focus is to help find and facilitate cross-pollinating proof-of-concept, been-there/done-that success-knowledge on operational matters (strategic and tactical, including time sensitive) which are inevitably encountered globally by those in the industry deploying mobile financial services (MFS) that directly impact Financial Inclusion progress. 

AFI is a resource to upstream policy decision makers while FINCCLUDE is a resource to downstream operational decision makers in ecosystems of Carrier Commerce. FINCCLUDE understands that operational issues are often time sensitive thus the global volunteer membership is ready to perform like a rapid response unit to help enable a form of peer learning via FINCCLUDE’s unique crowd consulting approach – that again is free and without obligation.

FINCCLUDE members understand from experience that when facing a challenge (deciding on a strategy or tactic, determining if organic or partnering is best, striving to build alignment with senior leadership, lobbying regulators, appeasing consumer watchdog groups, etc.), that having proof-of-concept, best practices, proven argumentation and other forms of success-knowledge can make the difference.  A unique industry association, membership is free and again, the knowledge-sharing FINCCLUDE facilitates is free, without obligation as FINCCLUDE is also an advocate of the Telco/ Carrier Commerce industry – a FinTech quiet giant advancing financial inclusion and thus impacting the improvement of lives globally. 

FINCCLUDE is committed to providing ongoing impact, standards and advocacy to help the Carrier Commerce industry advance financial inclusion faster to the world’s 1.7B unbanked.  Besides helping to financially include/’on-board’ the unbanked, meaningful success-knowledge also ensures these populations then  optimally adopt and scale usage of their new accounts to help them become more fully involved in the financial mainstream of the digital economy.

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