Join FINCCLUDE Global Industry Association – Free Membership

Join FINCCLUDE Global Industry Association – Free Membership 

FINCCLUDE is uniquely differentiated industry association because unlike typical industry associations that charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to be a member annually … FINCCLUDE membership is free.  Globally, industry colleagues and stakeholders in the ecosystems of Carrier Commerce have business and personal budget limitations which can restrict one’s ability to fully participate in our industry.

FINCCLUDE’s free membership approach means people of all management levels and all geographies have the same opportunity to become involved, participate, learn, network with global industry professionals, personally grow, influence and  impact the advance of financial inclusion – from locally to the other side of the world – to help be a part of building toward ubiquitous long term sustainable development. 

Every FINCCLUDE member is recognized and respected as a knowledge-cell.  During each of our careers, at every age,  we all encounter successes and setbacks.  Each are learning opportunities for ourselves, as well as for colleagues, partners and stakeholders in our industry globally.  Collectively we are a world wide knowledge community that is willing to strive to help find and share success-knowledge from across our experiences in our ever expanding Carrier Commerce industry which at this unique time in history – serving a significant role in helping improve the lives of billions globally thanks to technological advancements that enable bringing mobile financial services to peoples and communities that have never had access to formal financial services and thus the indirect impact on improved healthcare, education, agriculture and so much more. 

FINCCLUDE also welcomes your ideas to improve FINCCLUDE and its impact on this strategic imperative of our era.

If you would like to become a member of FINCCLUDE, or have questions, kindly fill out the following form and we will contact you:

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